Elegant and Sexy with Historic Cannon

Posing dressed Elegant and Sexy with Historic Cannon in Honda, Colombia. This spot had not been one that I was considering but the photographer suggested it and I think he right, it is a good spot. This top was barely holding in my tits and at one moment they even fell out. I know he was trying to capture the ultimate cleavage shots, but they I had an embarrassing moment haha.

  • Sofia shows ass and blows kiss

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Sofia Gomez

AUTHOR: Sofia Gomez

Fitness Latina who enjoys meeting new people and sharing all my photos and videos with fans. I am a girl who does not flirt or act sexual in real life, but online is where I can express and explore all my private sexual desires.

My passions are traveling, meeting new people, fashion, animals, beauty and most of all fitness. You can expect tons of posts about my personal adventures. When I travel or experience something new I always love to capture it so I can share it here.

This is the whole me, not only my sexual side but my non sexual side as well. If getting to know a girl enhances your pleasure then I might be the right girl for you. I share all of myself here and hope to get to know you.

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