Exploring Sugar Daddy Relationships

I am currently Exploring Sugar Daddy Relationships! The term is familiar to me but the specific details of being a sugar baby, I do not know. When I Google the term I see this.

What does a sugar daddy do?
What does sugar daddy mean? A sugar daddy is an older man who may throw gifts, allowances, and trips on a younger woman or man in exchange for a consensual sexual relationship.
Now obviously, this is not in every situation, especially an online sugar daddy relationship which is the only type I would consider.
Sugar Daddy Experience

Consensual and Equally Rewarding

The title above is really how I look at it. If both people are getting what they want and it is pleasurable, consensual and a detailed list of specific requirements are understood by both people, it sounds very fun and rewarding.

My view on this is grey and I am not 100% positive I would agree to even doing it. I feel like maybe many other peoples views and expectations will be different than mine so I am not real optimistic. If the exact right circumstance and agreement was met I would certainly give it a try thou.

It would need to be very low in creating pressure for me. It would have to be fun and also the person would have to be someone I find attractive and also interesting. I am not going to spend my precious time online or offline in a situation that I am not enjoying.

If you have an idea or fantasy in your mind of having something like this with me, hit me up on WhatsApp or email and give me your detailed ideal situation, then if I like it or have questions I will respond. Please provide photos as well, since that is certainly something that I take into account.

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Sofia Gomez

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