Sofia Goes Helmet Diving


This was in San Andres Colombia! I had seen the helmet diving before and just had to do it. My ears felt a little pressure in the beginning but that soon went away and I completely loved this experience helmet diving. The fish wanted to eat me, they kept nippling on my body! Totally recommend it for anyone who has thought about it.

Things to do in San Andres, Colombia

If you ever visit San Andres, Colombia you will experience some things not possible in many other tropical locations. One for sure is all the different colors of the ocean, it is absolutely beautiful there. The other is the tours. There are tours to little islands that have amazing beaches and if you like girls in really little bikinis, this is the place to visit. I have never seen so many gorgeous women walking around near naked, and yes I am always one of them! Boat tours, aquarium and riding a golf cart around the whole island is fun too.

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Sofia Gomez

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Fitness Latina who enjoys meeting new people and sharing all my photos and videos with fans. I am a girl who does not flirt or act sexual in real life, but online is where I can express and explore all my private sexual desires. Conversations, sharing, one on one video chatting and tons of me pleasuring myself in all kinds of new ways is what you can expect. I have had very few sexual partners in real life, but I am certain my digital sexual partners is into the thousands and I enjoy every moment. Getting to see you cum and enjoy me is what I like most and looking into the future I hope to make some content getting gang banged and cuckold. My husband is older and loves sharing me, he wants to watch me and video me having a lot of new real in life sexual experiences. Sadly those opportunities have not developed, but when they do, you will get to see them all right here!

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